​Shani Sasi

is a Tel-Aviv based artist and painter.

Shani Sasi holds a Master's degree in Multidisciplinary Art from the Faculty of the Arts at Tel Aviv University (2018) and a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education from HaMidrasha School of Visual Art at Beit Berl College (2009). Sasi is currently working on a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Artists’ House and group exhibition at the Hanina Gallery, which shall both be displayed in 2019.  She has exhibited in several group exhibitions in different venues, including the Amiad Cultural Center in Jaffa, the Kibbutz Galuyot Studio, and the Artemisia Gallery in Tel Aviv.  In 2016-2017, she was represented by the Artemisia Art Gallery.


"My painting begins with a physical act, where the use of materials resembles an act of loading and unloading. Through the acts of playing and randomness, which include cutting and reassembling the paintings, my hand functions as a seismometer, recording the body’s movements and tensions. These actions allow me to observe the underlying mechanism that constitutes the painting itself.

My technique combines different materials, such as watercolors, soft pastels, whitewash, gouache, and markers, on varying types of paper. The sensuality of working with materials and paint conceals a world of chaos and anxiety, but for me, they are means for creating order and control, doomed to failure in advance.

 The world of images ranges from abstract forms to astronomical objects. The images of the moon and suns constitute an anchor cast at the beginning or the end of the painting, and serve as a sort of signature that establishes the existence of the work."

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